What is ATR Indicator? How to use?

My Economy Guide, n What is an ATR indicator? How to use the “and“ ATR indicator? Landır to answer the questions with details. Let’s start to get to know the Average True Range (ATR) indicator which is an important indicator for those who want to trade in stock exchanges and learn technical analysis. WHAT IS ATR INDICATOR? ATR indicator , which stands for […]


My Economy Guide continues to provide you with lots of information about the economy , finance and money . In this article, we will talk about the concepts of Perfect Competition, Imperfect Competition, Monopoly and Oligopoly. In addition, in order to understand the markets better, you should read our Supply and Demand in Economy .   FULL COMPETITION Full competition is a concept that is not actually found […]


In this article, we will talk about supply , demand and market . We will convey these concepts to you in detail, without causing any confusion, but with accurate and sufficient information. Before this article, we recommend you to read our Money and Interest , which is prepared for you by our Economics Guide .   WHAT IS THE MARKET? The market is an environment where buyers and sellers come together. The […]


You will find a lot of information about the history of money and the details of interest in My Economy Guide and you can easily learn the information mentioned in this content written in a very simple expression. Before examining the concepts of money and interest, we recommend that you read our article Economy and Trade .   WHAT IS SWAP? In the days before the invention of money, people would give […]


Trade is one of the most important issues for the economy. The birth of trade, different perspectives on trade and a lot of information about trade models are included in this article of My Economy Guide. If you haven’t read our previous articles before this full article,  What is Economy?  and  Production Factors  . BIRTH OF FREE TRADE Firstly, it will […]


In order to learn a lot about economics , finance and money , it is important to first understand what the economy is. You can easily learn what the economy is through my Economy Guide . DEFINITION OF ECONOMY Scarcity is one of the most important factors leading to the existence of economics. Famine has and will exist throughout history. Of course, in some places with the effect […]


My Economy Guide addressed many of the fundamental concepts in economics and various issues related to markets. In this article directory, important concepts, definitions and explanations about the investment will be explained for you. Thus , you will have the knowledge needed by an investor and you will have the opportunity to invest correctly. Now let’s take a closer look at the economic indicators. Economic indicators are […]


My Economy Guide will explain in detail what Japanese candlestick charts can point to and give us clues. Japanese candlestick chart is one of the most important indicators in short-term trade. Therefore, it is necessary to know and understand the interpretation of candlesticks in the best way. Japanese candlestick charts, in other words candlesticks, generally have a rectangular, red or green body. Shadows […]

What is dividend yield?

My Economy Guide  will explain the concept of dividend yield in this article   .  Investors who want to achieve the goal of dividend retirement and achieve a life of high welfare through long-term investments may have more successful investments by carefully examining this article. Let’s take a closer look at the concept of dividend yield. What is dividend yield? The stock is a […]


n this article, My Economy Guide will tell you about dividend retirement, which is a very important target for long-term investments . In previous articles, we have shared important information about stocks  with you. With this article, you will be able to set clearer and more important targets for your long-term investments. Investors make various investments in order to be financially free in the future. One of […]