What is Blockchain? How Blockchain Works

In this article, My Economy Guide will explain to you the basic features of the blockchain technology , which we often hear about and which we believe will be the technology of the future . Before investing with tools like Bitcoin, it is better to understand blockchain technology . Now let’s take a look at the details.With the first crypto coins announced in 2008, […]


My Economics Guide will explain in detail the factors of production in this paper. In our previous article, we examined the concept of economy. If you have not  read this article click here to read  . WHAT ARE THE PRODUCTION FACTORS? The more technical version of the expression of our own resources in daily life are factors of production. In general, production factors consist of four basic concepts. Soil (Natural Resources) Labor (Labor) […]


In My Economy Guide, we start a new article directory where you can find a lot of information about market types. This article will focus on marketsrather than basic economic concepts . In this article, we will look at the money market and bond . Before this article, we especially   recommend that you read our Supply and Demand in the Economy . The money market is where the money supplied by the central […]


In this article of the Economics Guide, you will find a lot of detailed information about bonds , an important investment tool in the market . In our previous article, we  explained the Bond Market with its basic features. In this article, we will explain the deeper characteristics of bonds, their comparison with stocks and the risks of bonds. WHAT IS BONDS? Bonds are a […]


In this article, we will talk about disinflation and deflation which are not known in daily life but should not be missed in the field of economy . In order to understand the concepts of disinflation and deflation, the relationship of which can be understood from the word structures , you must have enough information about inflation . Let’s look at disinflation and deflation under […]