Cancer Psychology

Certainly, as with all illnesses, it will have a psychological effect on cancer. The most important issue in cancer diseases is the patient’s morale and belief that bad days will pass. It is a prerequisite for the treatment process to vaccinate the patient that cancer is a disease that can also be defeated. What does a person feel when they have cancer? Or how does one feel that one of their relatives has cancer?

In such cases, a person with cancer psychology may think that he will die. He may think that his relatives around him approach him with a sense of pity. In such cases, speeches that will cause negative thoughts to both the patients and their primary relatives should be avoided. Crying, talking goodbye, or taking any demoralizing behavior with a patient in cancer psychology can have a negative effect on the outcome of the treatment. Patients in cancer psychology may want to sleep constantly, want to be alone, think. He also talks with his old friends who are not alive and talk with him. He will want to meet with friends he has not met for a long time. He dives deeply and makes predictions about the future. He thinks what will happen after he dies. However, serious diseases such as cancer leave a physical and psychological mark on the body, even if the person gets rid of it. It takes many years to erase these marks. From the first day of the disease, the psychological aspects of treatment should be kept under control by meeting with expert psychologists.

It should not be ignored that psychiatrists have an important role in treatment as much as at least one surgeon and the disease should be examined in psychological dimensions. Diseases such as cancer in the human brain and
It is one of the most destructive diseases in psychology. The patient feels psychological fatigue as well as physical fatigue. The reason for this is that the serious situation that he is in has forced the patient to think negatively and remember death. Patient relatives should read articles about psychiatry as a general culture. In such cases, the most reasonable behavior is to store the morale and motivation of the patient. To convince the patient that everything will be very beautiful and to keep the patient’s belief alive at all times. Because cancer, etc. The most important medicine of diseases is morale and faith. It is easier for a patient who believes in life to accept treatment. First of all, the patient should ask for the treatment and regain their health. Thinking negatively in cancer psychology damages as much as cancer cells. Patients’ relatives as well as patients should have morale and faith. One of the most important principles that keep people alive is believing in itself. A person who believes in himself beats everything, even cancer.

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