Economy Guide, this paper more people at the mouth of the stock exchange , known as  the stock market will tell simplifying. Stocks and stock types are also important issues in this article. Click here for other articles about the markets  .The stock market is a market in which investors kısmi buy shares and have partial ownership of companies.. In the bond markets, investors can only lend; The […]

What is paid-in capital increase? What is the free capital increase?

In this article, I will discuss the concepts of capital increase and capital increase, which are very important for stock investments . You can make more successful investments by learning these issues that must be followed in stock investments.  The investor, who holds shares, is a partner of the company or companies to which the shares belong. There is an increase or decrease in the value of […]


In this article of My Economy Guide , we will cover the concepts of foreign exchange , appreciation and preference , interest and inflation , relative income and speculation . This article will help you understand the economy and exchange rates. First, let us briefly define the exchange rate. The exchange rate is the current price of one country currency compared to another country currency. When a currency […]


As Economy Guide, investing basics in order to be a source of investment for people who want to continue to share with you. In  our article Hisse Stock Market önemli, we explained important information about stocks and stock market. In this article, we will look at stock types more closely. Companies that can be valued for stocks are generally recognized, prestigious, prestigious and open to […]


My Economy Guide continues to share important information about the economy and investment. This article will be very useful for prospective investors who want to buy stocks but think about how to buy stocks . We also recommend that you read our article about stocks before answering the question of how to buy stocks  . Stocks are one of the most popular investment instruments. Stocks, which are the subject of curiosity for […]


My Economy Guide, in this second article of the series of markets for the bond market , government bonds , corporate bonds and bond risks will be presented to you in a clear and simple statement. In our previous article, we talked about Money Market and Bills . We recommend you to learn the markets in detail by reading this article. Now let’s take a closer look at the […]


In this article, My Economy Guide will explain in detail the Mutual Funds , an important tool for investors . If you are curious about the answers to questions like “What is mutual fund?”, Nasıl How and how much do mutual funds earn? Tavsiye, we recommend you to read this article. Before starting to explain mutual funds, we  also recommend that you read our article about […]


In this article, I will discuss the concepts of public goods , positive externality , negative externality and the black market in an explanatory and understandable way. In order to benefit more from this article, we  recommend that you read our articles on the effect of the government on the market  and  supply and demand in the economy . Now let’s take a closer look at the situation in the markets.  Markets cannot always […]


In this article, My Economy Guide will clearly explain the basic prices , ceiling prices , taxes and subsidies used by governments to influence the markets . So you will be able to understand and learn many of the concepts that we hear in everyday life and that are related to the economy. In addition, our previous article, Economy and Competition Concept , will be a good source and basis […]

What is ATR Indicator? How to use?

My Economy Guide, n What is an ATR indicator? How to use the “and“ ATR indicator? Landır to answer the questions with details. Let’s start to get to know the Average True Range (ATR) indicator which is an important indicator for those who want to trade in stock exchanges and learn technical analysis. WHAT IS ATR INDICATOR? ATR indicator , which stands for […]