Exercises Good for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are vein dilation. Dirty blood in the body needs to be delivered to the heart through veins. Dirty blood in the legs, which is the lower part of the body, must move upwards to transmit to the heart. During this movement, there are valves in the veins so that the dirty blood does not go down again, in cases where these valves do not fulfill their duties, varicose veins occur.

Some exercises to be done to protect from varicose veins and to support varicose veins;

# One of the simple exercises that you can practice comfortably at home, at work, on the street, walk on your toes. So you will have worked your calves.

# Lie on your back and put your hands on the sides, lift your feet to a 90 degree angle, and pull your feet as if you were pedaling towards your chest, respectively. This movement will also help you exercise your lower abdominal muscles.

#You can easily apply in your daily life, walking on your heels. It will strengthen your front leg muscles, wrists and speed up your blood circulation.

# Lie on your back and put your hands on the sides, raise your legs at a right angle to your body , hold niceantalya.com for a while , then do the same for your other leg. It will speed up the reach of dirty blood to the heart and relieve varicose veins.

# Press the stair step with your heels wasted and lift yourself up at the end of your feet, then slowly lower your heels until they reach a level below the step. I recommend you to grab somewhere to avoid falling when doing this move. When you repeat it 50 times, you will feel the tension in your calf muscles.

# Lie down on your back and pull one leg below your knee and move your toes back and forth, after a short time, do the same with your other leg.

# After applying all these exercises, lie down and lean your legs against the body and wait for a while. Your blood circulation will relax.

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