My Economy Guide continues to share important information about the economy and investment. This article will be very useful for prospective investors who want to buy stocks but think about how to buy stocks . We also recommend that you read our article about stocks before answering the question of how to buy stocks  .

Stocks are one of the most popular investment instruments. Stocks, which are the subject of curiosity for many people, whether investing or not, can easily be bought and sold over the internet.


The first step to be taken in order to buy stocks is to select the institution that will act as the intermediary in the acquisition of stocks. Intermediary institutions are usually banks and forex-related organizations. Itis very important that the intermediary institution selected for the purpose of obtaining shares has obtained the necessary permissions by the CMB. In order to avoid any material damage, the intermediary institution should be examined and its reliability questioned. The selected brokerage houses allow the purchase and sale of stocks, and in return for these services, they receive certain amounts of commission per transaction. The amount of commission received should be investigated in terms of the health of the investment and should be considered in the selection of the intermediary institution.

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One of the conditions for obtaining shares is to open an investment account. The investment account, which should be opened after the selection of the intermediary institution, can be opened easily through the bank branches or over the internet.When opening an investment account, the framework agreement must be accepted and the risk notification form must be obtained. While the framework agreement regulates the link between the investor and the intermediary, the risk notification form is submitted to the investor by the intermediary institution and clearly explains the risks to the investor.With the opening of the investment account, the money to be used in the investment, that is , to buy stocks , must be transferred to this account . In addition to the money to be used for the purchase of shares, the amount of commission to be issued must be in the account.


After selecting the brokerage firm and opening the investment account and transferring the required amount to the account, the desired stock can be purchased easily. Intermediary institutions can be accessed via internet or applications and the desired transaction can be done with a few clicks. From this point on, the main thing to be aware of is making the right decisions and getting the right stocks . It is very important to have the necessary knowledge when buying and selling stocks. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to make the right investment. Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, economic and market knowledge will be very helpful in taking the right steps and will further reduce investment risks. 

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