As Economy Guide, investing basics in order to be a source of investment for people who want to continue to share with you. In  our article Hisse Stock Market önemli, we explained important information about stocks and stock market. In this article, we will look at stock types more closely.

Companies that can be valued for stocks are generally recognized, prestigious, prestigious and open to the public. These companies have serious structural foundations. These valuable companies, which are generally rooted, have proven themselves in the market for years. For this reason, investors can safely make their investments with the stocks of these companies. Companies such as Akbank, Aselsan, Petkim and Turkish Airlines in BIST 30 are the best examples.


Increasing stocks represent the stocks of companies whose value increases faster and more than the general economy. These companies are mostly interested in research and development projects and are involved in the production and diffusion of new technologies. In such companies, dividend income is often invested in the company for further development rather than being given to shareholders.Even though the risk that investors with these stocks have to take is higher, significant gains can be made when the company successfully increases its development, production and technology.


Stocks in this category pay their investors regularly. These dividends received by investors are called dividend income. Dividend income will also increase as a result of the collection of thousands of incomes, so that the investor will be able to survive even with dividend income. Income stocks usually belong to first-class companies. Investors who want passive income or who want to earn enough income to maintain their lives invest in these stocks and earn dividends by earning and selling.


Preferred stocks have income priority over ordinary shares. These stocks receive dividend income on a regular basis. If the company is in financial difficulty, the distribution of dividend income starts from preferential stocks. It is preferred by investors seeking income. Ordinary shares have a characteristic that does not exist in preferred shares. Investors holding these shares have a say in the management of the company. These investors, who can vote in the voting of the board of directors, remain behind preferential shareholders in dividend income.


We can roughly group companies in the market as large, medium and small. We multiply the number of stocks by the stock value and find the total value and categorize it according to the total value. The stocks of small companies are more risky than other companies. These companies can be very successful in the future, they can earn a lot more and weaken their investors. For this reason, before the stocks of small companies are taken, the company should be handled with a more detailed examination. Large and medium-sized companies are more stable and more reliable than small companies. These companies are often more resistant to economic challenges. However, while the big breakthroughs that can be experienced in small companies can bring big money to their owners, investors are less likely to make big money in a short time due to the fact that these stocks are more balanced and more stable.

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