How to Choose a Large Size Dress

Choosing a large size dress for many people is very difficult. This difficulty is not only due to weight. They do not know which dress model is suitable for them. When choosing a large size dress, the body type should be well known and the dress should be decided accordingly. This rule applies not only when choosing dresses, but also when choosing pants, blouses, sweaters.

   Trousers Selection

In the selection of trousers, narrow or top-stick models should not be chosen, and straight-cut tubular trousers from the top of the waist to the ankles should be selected. In this way, the legs can be seen longer hips narrower. The trousers should always sit on the hip and buttoned around the hole. Trousers under the belly button should not be preferred.

  Blouse and T-Shirt Selection

When choosing a blouse or shirt, attention should be paid to the neck. V-cut blouses can be selected. Flying fabrics can provide more advantages to the person. Especially clothes close to the neck and face area can be worn. Using accessories suitable for clothing also makes the person look more alive and healthy. Tight clothes should not be preferred because they will cause the oils to be noticeable.

   Dress Selection

If the person has large hips, he should stay away from the models sticking to the hip and use the dresses with straight down skirts. Dresses with long skirts should be fitted from the waist, and dresses with short sleeves or strapless models with belts should be preferred.

The prints and designs on the dresses are also very important. Clothes with horizontal stripes make the person more fat, and stripes with vertical clothing make them look weaker. Fine striped patterns should be preferred for striped dresses. Large transverse lines should be avoided. If both fine lines and dark colors are preferred, an even more subtle appearance can be obtained. Striped clothes can be combined with solid colors. Fish collar sweaters and ruffled dresses should especially be preferred by women with wide hips. If the upper side is wide, skirts with wide cuts can be preferred. Dresses starting from under the breasts can be worn for people with large navel. It helps to cover defects by making the waist look thinner.

  Color Selection

Light color and dark color have an effect on hiding overweight areas in the area where attention is required to choose size and dress. Thus, the obligation to wear one color disappears. People with dark skin can capture shimmer with pastel and soft colors. In oversize evening dress selection, excessive ruffled and embroidered models should be avoided. Because the clothes are ruffle and embroidered make the used area look fuller. Simple and stylish jewelry can be combined with dresses in the selection of large size dresses to provide a beautiful appearance. At the same time, the selection of shoes and bags also has important effects in combination with clothes. People of large size do not have to dress completely black. Chocolate brown or dark blue colors can also make people look thinner. If a colored blouse is worn on top, dark colors may be preferred for the bottom. Plenty of clothes make those areas look wider as they fit the body’s heaviest place. For this, abundant clothes should be avoided and tunic and pencil skirt should be preferred.

  Jean’s Choice

Boot-cut pieces should be preferred for Jean selection. If the bootcuts are closed with heels, the leg length may be seen longer. Skinny jeans are not recommended for overweight people, as they reveal the hips. In order to look more beautiful in fashion, people with large sizes should pay attention to these.

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