How to Deal With the Sweet Crisis?

Reasons for Entering a Sweet Crisis There may be many reasons for the desire to eat chocolate or excessively sweet foods called sweet crises. The main thing is your body’s addiction to sugar. When you constantly eat sweet foods, you become addicted to sugar, such as addiction to smoking or alcohol. Another important reason of the sweet crisis is the low blood sugar due to irregular nutrition. When your blood sugar drops, your desire to eat dessert increases. In addition, when you eat foods that will raise your blood sugar very much, the body reacts and lowers blood sugar quickly, causing you to eat the dessert as you eat it. When you don’t drink water regularly and leave the body without water for a long time, the brain can perceive it as a sweet desire. 

  The psychological factors in your life have a role in increasing your desire for dessert in the emotional states you experience as a woman. Because when you eat dessert, your brain releases some hormones that give you happiness. Therefore, the desire to eat dessert increases when you feel unhappy, stressed and during your period. If some vitamins and minerals are missing, the desire to eat dessert also increases if there are some diseases such as intestinal parasites. In addition, if you do not get enough carbohydrates, namely foods such as bread, rice, soup, and pasta

If you do not consume, your body will try to fill this carbohydrate deficiency with dessert. How to Deal With the Sweet Crisis? Dealing with sweet crises is not as difficult as it is thought, when you put your life in a certain order in terms of eating and drinking habits and turning to healthy foods, your desire to eat dessert will automatically decrease.

– Don’t starve yourself. Add snacks between the main meals at intervals of 3 hours, so that you keep your blood sugar at a certain level.

– Do not consume the fruit alone in the snacks; Eat with protein-containing milk, yogurt, nuts, almonds, etc. so that your blood sugar doesn’t rise suddenly.

– Do not leave yourself sleepless and tired.

– Prefer healthy foods such as dates, dried fruits, which are alternative to dessert. It is known that cinnamon also reduces the desire for dessert.

– As soon as you feel sweetheart, you can find other efforts. If the situation is serious and you cannot prevent it, do not forget to consult a doctor and get support.

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