Makeup Mistakes Made by Women

Women wear makeup for different reasons. In addition to those who say that they wear make-up to feel better, there are also a lot of women who make up to attract attention and be liked. It is a detail that completes the right make-up elegance and for whatever reason. Exaggerating makeup can cause you to fall into funny situations, so it is very important to leave it in your dose.


Knowing your skin type and skin color allows you to choose the right foundation. A foundation that fits someone else’s skin may look bad on you. So the first rule should be to learn that makeup will not be done with generalizations. If the face color and neck area look different in color after makeup, the choice of foundation is completely wrong. Dark shade foundation should be chosen for a brown skin color. If there is no excessive defect on the skin, foundation should not be applied, regional defects should be corrected with the help of concealer. In order not to be exposed to sticky, greasy or sweaty appearance, foundation should be applied in its decision.


The lashes that are brushed many times with mascara create a lumpy appearance. Intensive application of the mascara will cause it to flow all over your face even in the lightest moist environment. Moreover, it will be enough to apply it with the help of a brush twice at most, since it will also give a feeling of weight.


A lipstick that has moved farther than the lip’s finish line will not make your lip look big and plump. It only creates a message perception that you have such an intention. Instead of overly glossy and sticky-looking lipsticks, matte lipsticks closer to natural colors will be permanent and will make you look more natural. If matte lipstick will be used, lips should not be dry. Tiny protrusions of the lip skins show themselves more in matte lipstick. In this case, a light moisturizing lipstick will both moisturize and save the day.

Wish You Full of Beauty

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