The Effects of Technology on Our Life

According to known dates, the first foundations of technology BC. It was thrown in Mesapotamia in the 3000s. He went west from here. The Alexandria library was the first science center of the period. In the middle ages, the progress of science stopped by burning the library. Later, with the spread of Islam, science revived. It flourished and spread for 600 years under the patronage of Islam. Thus, it reached Europe and America and then took its current form.

The biggest developments in technology started to happen in the 20th century and today’s point is in the eye. Now we have become unable to think of a life without technology.

As well as the benefits that technology brings to people, there are also damages caused by unconscious use. It provides convenience in all areas of our lives. Thanks to the Internet, we can easily make video calls with people in different countries. While a  document used to take days or even months, it is now a document, photo, video etc. in seconds. We can send it to the other end of the world in seconds. These developments enable people to save time and do more jobs in a short time. In my opinion, the sector where technology is most useful in our life is the health sector. With the advances in health, early diagnosis and treatment methods have reached very high levels.

Technology also increases our social awareness. People easily reflect their thoughts on the computer or via mobile phones. The effect of social media is also very high in this sense. Thanks to technology, we can react quickly in an application or event that we think is wrong. We frequently see examples of this in our country and in the world.

Unfortunately, the technology that we have seen so many benefits has its losses. In the past, we needed to spend hours in libraries to find the right sources to get the information. Now, with a click, the information we want comes up. This blinds our ability to research. In the past, we had to meet one-on-one in order to meet and communicate with people, and now we can do this through text or video speech from social media. This situation causes communication disorders and asocial personalities in humans.

Especially, fraud on the internet is one of the biggest problems of today. It is also beneficial to be careful in this environment where people can be deceived easily and their personal information can be obtained. The most important issue is to ensure that our children use the Internet consciously and to reach only useful content and to stay away from harmful content that will affect the development of parents.

As a result, while using technology to the maximum, we should avoid getting away from our human emotions and become the slave of technology as much as possible.

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