The Right Bodybuilding Program

Force study 

It is aimed to gain strength in bodybuilding . In this article, I will answer the question of how we gain strength by doing the right exercises.

What is needed for the time spent in the gymnasiums to return as a strong and solid body is the correct training techniques and diet.

There are many strength features; I will describe them below.

  • The limits of our strength are equivalent to the maximum weight that the nervous and muscular system can handle.
  • What is important in muscle shaping is the endurance.
  • Explosive force in sports such as sprinting or jumping.
  • Power force for weightlifting and american football

Exercises to be Strengthened

To increase the load capacity you will lift, you must do basic movements.

  • Collapse
  • Lift off the ground
  • Chest press (chest) and standing military press (shoulders)
  • LATE (body bent pulling)

You can also do exercises based on body weight:

  • Horizontal bar
  • dips

Working Load

The working weight used in increasing the power is very important. To practice effectively, you should set your 1RM value with the free bar for each basic movement. This 1RM or bodybuilding maximum load corresponds to the maximum weight you can pull or push in one move. When determining this value, remember to practice with a training partner. Before starting a  strength training, you must define this value to work with a percentage of the maximum load. The percentage allocated and the respective working weights depend on the desired target. For example, it is recommended to work between 75 percent and 80 percent of your 1RM value as part of muscle volume enhancement studies. To gain strength, you will work between 85 percent and 100 percent of your 1RM value.

The number of repetitions

In this type of training, the series is done for every basic movement (as in the exercise of increasing muscle volume, not for each muscle group)). Here, there are 21 to 25 repetitions per movement. The recovery time for each series is from 2 minutes to 5 minutes (the recommended time for rebuilding the reserves). A force session is based on 5 series of 5 reps of 85 percent. For example, if you are doing the maximum repetition at 100 kg, add 85 kg to the bar and do 5 reps with this weight. Rest for 2-3 minutes, then repeat the same move: 5 series in total to demonstrate maximum strength.

To gain strength  , training frequency is very important and should be longer than sessions. Here, you should choose 3-hour training for a single 3-hour training!


Start with 5 × 5 initially

  • You get a good start to understand the exercises.
  • An important working order in the transformation of proteins into muscles
  • You enter a process of development as fast as possible
  • It is also extremely efficient in burning fat.

Good work …

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