Ways to Get Rid of the Flu

With the sudden cooling of the weather, people who sniff their coughing sneezing nose, which we often see around us, are the greatest danger for people who have not yet gotten the flu. In this article, I will tell you about the ways to get rid of those who have the flu, hopefully you will survive the disease.

What is the flu?

It is a disease that we are likely to be caught by the decrease of our body resistance, especially in times when sudden temperature changes are seen in. When we cough and sneeze, viruses scatter around and this way the flu begins to spread in the form of an epidemic.

Influenza is a viral infection that occurs with symptoms such as fever, dry cough, chills, chills, and headaches caused by a virus called influenza.

How do we get rid of the flu?

  • Let’s use paper tissues while coughing while sneezing as much as possible. Let’s not close our mouths with our hands.
  • Never touch your face if you are with someone with the flu or have the flu. Because the flu virus is transmitted through the mouth, eyes or nose.
  • if we drink plenty of water, we clean our body from viruses. Let’s drink plenty of water.
  • fresh air will be good.
  • Turkish bath and sauna will be good.
  • we can sweat a lot and remove viruses from our body.
  • Let’s consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, keeping our metabolism strong gives us resistance against viruses.
  • Absolutely avoid alcohol, alcohol weakens our immune system.
  • do not miss yogurt from your table. The bacteria in yogurt strengthen our immune system.
  • Let’s stay away from smoking.
  • Let’s wash our hands constantly and keep them clean.

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