My Economy Guide will give you  important information on investment planning and investment objectives . Together with this article, you will see better the key points for the right investment and you will be more likely to succeed. In our previous articles,  we mentioned the  bonds  and  stocks in detail. We also recommend that you read these articles.

One of the important points of having a successful investment is to have sufficient knowledge. If you have to invest in your mind, you should first analyze your current economic situation thoroughly, and then make very serious researches about investment tools and investment techniques. Once you have enough knowledge, you can feel ready to invest and start this journey. However, you will have missed a critical point. Have you set concrete investment targets ?


Investment targets are among the most important issues that play a role in the success of the investment. These objectives should always be set in a clear and concrete manner. Words like kazanmak I want to make money from money ”or orum I want to make money olamaz cannot be a target for an investor. An investor who has set the right targets in front of him should say, orum I want to save 15,000 TL at the end of six months ”. Another issue to consider when planning your investments and setting your investment targets is inflation. Inflation generally displays a 3% increase each year. However, depending on the country you live in and the conditions of that country, you should pay attention to inflation rates and plan your investment with accurate inflation forecasts. Another issue that should not be neglected when planning an investment is to keep some money as liquid. For many unexpected and priority situations, such as accidents, illnesses or disasters, some of the investments should be kept liquid. If you keep almost all of your money in stocks, you will not be able to reach your money immediately if you encounter such an emergency and you will have to wait for two days. For this reason, it is very important for the investor to have some money ready for transportation. It would also be wrong to think that this money is out of investment.For long-term investment objectives, the possible lifestyle and economic situation at the time of retirement should be carefully considered and the investment planned accordingly. Many questions should be carefully answered by the investor, such as how much the pension will be or whether a more simple life will be achieved. 

How is investment planned?

When an investor seeks to achieve his investment objectives, he should not hesitate to increase the amount of investment at the moment. This enables investment objectives to be achieved in a shorter time and reduces the risks in investment plans.An investor who has set investment targets and planned to invest can use various investment tools to reduce risks. In order to select these instruments and determine the investment portfolio, a professional person should be contacted if necessary. In addition, diversity in investment can be achieved over time or investment tools may change. An investor who wants to walk firmly towards his investment goals must have a current portfolio and follow his portfolio regularly.Planning investment and setting the right investment targets are very serious and very important issues. If you have the opportunity to get advice from investment experts will be very useful. Let’s not miss this.

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